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Earth Coal mens gloves heather

Earth Coal

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Tokyo Ravens

Scientists say that ravens are superior in intelligence to all other avian species tested.
Some even say that ravens share the cognitive capacities of many primates.

Printed with discharge ink.
Unisex regular fit s/s v-neck.
V-neck dimensions stay the same across size scale.
This unisex tee is a favorite for men and women alike!

40's 100% Organic Cotton
Low-impact fabric dyed, enzyme fabric washed for a super soft hand
Wash in cold water, tumble dry medium

Colors: charcoal Earth Coal



Fun raven facts:
• Pagan Symbolism of protection, initiation and healing.
• American Indians believed that ravens brought light into darkness.
• In Germanic-Norse tradition, ravens were linked to death: slain worriors were deemed to be feeders of ravens.
• In Japan, the land of the rising sun, ravens are revered as messengers of the Sun goddess Amaterasu.