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Sterling Silver & Onyx

brass scissors rosary

Sterling Silver & Hematite

Sterling Silver Scissors Rosary

A new addition to our line of Excommunicate Rosaries.
The charm is designed after an antique shear my grandfather used to use as a tailor.
The centerpiece is our original Father Panik Skull and Crossbones.

Scissors are a great tool of creation, but can also be a deadly weapon.
A rosary for fashion designers, tailors, hair stylists and crafters, who's life is dependent on and preserved by a pair of metal shears.

Or for anybody who's weapon of choice is a pair of scissors.
A very intimate weapon indeed, compared to a gun...

Materials: Sterling Silver & Natural Stones


Sterling Silver/ Onyx 7mm Round


Sterling Silver/ Hematite 7mm Round


Hematite Round
Sterling Silver/ Hematite 5mm Faceted Round