Yoni Zilber wears Buddha Panik T and Sinestra T.
And we wear his ink at Father Panik.


But while fate may have surrounded Yoni though his life, hard work and talent has seen him through. Through thousands of walk-ins and client interactions, Yoni has honed the art of being able to read his customers in such a way as to give them the tattoo that they had only hoped they could articulate. His gentle yet detailed styel takes influence from many area, including art nouveau, Thai (where he also trains Muay Thai kick boxing) and Tibetan art.

Yoni's celbrity clientele includes Gisele Bundchen and Erin Watson and he has been featured in various Israeli television shows and tattoo trade publications.

Yoni began his long journey to the tatoo world in his native Israel after discoverint a tattoo magazine at the age of tweleve. For years he thought about tattooing and when he was 18, he was tattooed in the local celebrity shop by Avi Vanunu. So wanting to be a tattooer and not feeling that he could get an apprenticeship in Tel Aviv, Yoni went off to Amsterdam to search for a teacher. On his last day there, by chance, he ran into Avi sitting at a bar! They became friends and Ai did end up teaching Yoni his trade.

Years later, agains out in the world visitng New York City, Yoni was tapped on the shoulder by an out of breath Lori Leven, owner of New York Adorned. She had chased him down the street after noticing his high quality tattoos and the tell tale tattooer briefcase that he held in his hand. She asked if he was a tattooer that specialized in black and gray tattoos. He said that he was and soon he had a seat tattooing at New York Adorned.