Lea Vendetta wears long Excommunicate Rosary with Brassknuckle in gray cracked crystal beads.

About Lea Vendetta

Lea Vendetta paints in a style reminicent of the city of her birth, Paris France. Now living in the U.S. her work focuses on the party scenes of old France: dancers in dark atmospheres, light emminating from forged lanterns, music, mood and vibrancy.

Ever expressing her creative output, Lea has been painting since the early 90's, and tattooing since 1995. Her award-winning tattoo work forces her to explore and draw in a variety of distinct styles, which in turn influence the evolution of her paintings.

Lea's work has been published in numerous national and international magazines including Skin and Ink (U.S. and International), Tattoo Review (U.S.), Total Tattoo (U.K.), Tatouage (France), Skin Deep (U.K.) and Tattoo Arte (Spain). Her paintings have been showed in both group and solo shows, and have been covered by numerous Miami and South Florida publications ranging from local newsprint (New Times) to regional luxury/lifestyle (Boca Magazine).

Lea Vendetta

In December 2008, we at Father Panik Industries were howling like a Tex Avery wolf over Lea Vendetta.

Lea is smoking hot and wearing a Father Panik Brass Knux Excommunicate Rosary on the cover of Tattoo Arte Magazine. (Photo by Thomas Filipkowski)

Now see, Lea ain't just some tattooed babe looking coy. No. Lea is a highly talented painter and tattoo artist. She actually does shit beside look good. But dang she does the whole looking good thing real good.

In other words, a typical Father Panik patron.

Check out her website www.leaslounge.com for her art and style.

We in love.