Betty Lipstick wears long Excommunicate Rosary with Brassknuckle in gray cracked crystal beads.

Betty Lipstick

An erupting volcano: nothing could better describe Betty Lipstick. Sensuality, provocation, transgression and an amazing energy: these are the ingredients of her success. Her world is timeless and filled with an incredible harmony. It shows from every gesture, even the most provocative and wildest. Among the icons from the 70s and the great Japanese tattoos, Betty Lipstick bursts through the camera with incredible sensuality, an iron fist in a velvet glove to knock out any prejudice there might be about her.

Born in San Francisco, Betty Lipstick started her successful modeling career very early, carefully avoiding the typical clichés of the burlesque pin-up and offering a female image that is much more aggressive and “raw” rock ‘n roll”. She loves Alfred Hitchcock films, tattoos and living wild and free. Party-animal, travel companion and partner in crime: this is Betty Lipstick!

As usual appearance doesn’t explain it all. Ever since I met her, I was pleasantly impressed by her incredible professionalism and the simple and natural way she poses even for the most famous photographers. We established an amazing friendship which brought us to share exhilarating moments such as the making of the 2009 Tattoo Energy calendar (in cooperation with the famous photographer of many Hollywood stars Dale May) and her participation at the 4th London Tattoo Convention 2008, where she was mobbed by her fans all lined up just waiting for her autograph or to take a photo with her.

The most amazing thing is Betty’s availability and the conditioned collaboration she puts in each serious project she is offered. Not for interest but for passion: this could be another way to define her beautiful yet determined personality. And her world is all out there, ready to be discovered.