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  • knux rosary on Betty Lipstick
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knux rosary/clear cracked crystal beads
Photo by Karen Evans www.eekphoto.com

Photo by Karen Evans www.eekphoto.com
Excommunicate Rosary

Father Panik offers salvation from the bland mainstream, protection from the plague of crap.

Our rosaries mix sterling silver, glittering glass beads and shiny brass knuckles. Pretty threats indeed.

Glass Bead Choices:
•Czech Black Fire Polish Glass in 6mm-8mm Faceted Round
•Czech Fire Polish Glass 6mmx8mm Faceted Oval Beads in following colors:
[Champagne(clear with some yellow tint), Ash Gray, Garnet (deep purplish red), Amethyst, Emerald, Cherry Blossom Pink, Moss (earthy green)], Opaque Blood Red.

Semi Precious Stone Beads:
•Onyx 7mm Smooth Round
•Onyx 8mm Faceted Round
•Hematite 7mm SmoothRound
•Hematite 5mm Faceted Round

Handmade in Brooklyn USA.

center piece detail
center piece detail

brass knuckle detail
brass knuckle
1" x 2"

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