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Father Panik Industries Is Scott Machens and Mika Kitamori.

Mika Kitamori originally from Tokyo, Japan now living in Brooklyn NY.
Scott Machens born in America, lived as a nomad, settled in Brooklyn NY.

Father Panik Industries creates jewelry, clothing and media.
It's design philosophies are rooted in turmoil.
East vs. west culture clashes. Man woman buddhist catholic heart mind love hate. Our style is a mash-up of Japanese Zen and American Honkey Tonk. We make jewelry clothes, greeting cards and house wares for beautiful outcasts.

F.P.I. derives its name from Father Panik Village in Bridgeport CT.
Bridgeport at one time was a thriving industrial port city.
During the great depression a Catholic Priest, Father Stephen Panik founded a community for the city's poor working class. A place where the city's factory workers could live in dignity.
By the 1980's Father Panik Village had become a living breathing horror.
Despair and crime replaced ideals and hope.
The path of good intentions led straight to hell.

We all have inner Father Panik Villages. But rather than being trapped in the ghetto of pain and hardships FPI use's conflict to create beauty and growth.
Their designs are pretty threats, proudly worn scars, brass knuckles wrapped in velvet.